Our story

Hey sista✨ We’re so glad you found us, welcome, welcome, welcome! If you don’t already know us, that’s okay we’re here to catch you up. We are three crazy best friends who happen to also be family. We decided to open up our tanning salon/ boutique in 2019 we had absolutely no idea what we were doing, we did everything completely backwards. We all got in the car one day and decided to go look at buildings here in Edna, Tx. Small town if you aren’t very familiar with it, we walked into the first building we seen and decided it was a good idea to make a offer, that next day we posted on Facebook saying “ T’s tanning & boutique coming soon” every since then we worked our butts off a year later we moved buildings and have grown so much in the matter of a year and hope to keep growing and hitting our goals so thank you so much for being here and supporting our small little business we hope you love everything you see. Xoxo- tiff, tay + micaela